The Benefits of Aluminium Gutters

aluminium gutters

Aluminium gutters are possibly the best material to be used due to their durability and their pleasant appearance to be placed on your house. However, there are many more benefits for selecting aluminium gutters for your home. Here are some considerations that you should make if you are looking to replace your guttering or it is a new home build.

An Ever Lasting Aesthetic Appearance

The natural appearance of aluminium gutters is somewhat neutral, but they can be finished to almost any style you desire. Due to this application the gutters are perfect for pretty much any property, from old houses, modern new builds to factories and so on. No matter what period features your home has or when it was built, aluminium gutters wouldn’t look out of place whatsoever, especially with the vast array of designs and finishes that can be applied.

Aluminium Gutters Durability

Due to the fact that UK aluminium guttering not rusting it is the perfect choice when it comes to a long term product. They are extremely durable and the lifespan in around 30 to 40 years. Therefore, they are extremely cost effective in comparison.

Colours & Finishes

With aluminium gutters, they come in a huge range of colours and numerous finishes to create the desired look you want. With most other gutters, you need to paint every few years and be limited to a select number of colours, with aluminium gutters they can be manufactured in almost any colour. Aluminium gutters have another benefit in that they will not colour bleach unlike plastic guttering found on most houses. Therefore, your aluminium gutters will not get bleached due to the sun and will look as good as new throughout its entire lifespan.

Long Last Aluminium Gutters

Aluminium gutters also have another great advantage over many other guttering systems in that the properties of aluminium means that they will not crack or shatter due to temperature changes. Additionally, they are not affected by thermal expansion either. Aluminium gutters are available in a seamless style which helps prevent the possibility of any leaks and joints that can look unpleasant.

Maintenance of aluminium gutters

Almost zero maintenance is required after installation of aluminium gutters, apart from some general cleaning of leaves and dirt. Most of us that have replaced plastic guttering will know that less maintenance will be a huge benefit. More free time to yourself instead of worrying about priming, painting and protecting gutters with various applications of chemicals.


If you are into DIY and are generally good with such tasks then it is possible to install aluminium gutters by yourself. No soldering of joints is required and the weight isn’t an issue due to the properties of aluminium being light and therefore easy to manoeuvre.

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